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Bull Bars

They not only look good, they also offer a lot more protection from accidents and are also somewhere that you can mount spotlights and lightbars to help up the path that you are taking. We can supply and install Bull Bars from leading brands such as Ironman, AFN, MCC and more.

Options for colour coding to match the colour of your vehicle are also available.
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Want an upgrade your factory suspension to tackle more demanding off road tracks, handle more weight, give you a heap more ground clearance and improve the overall handling of your vehicle?

Come in and have a yarn with one of the team to see what suspension upgrade is going to work for you!


Spend a bit of time exploring around the back country or rivers where the risk of coming across some deeper water is a real probability??
We can supply and fit plastic or stainless steel snorkels to protect the most important thing on your vehicle-the engine!
We have different options available to suit every budget!
rooftop tent

Rooftop Tents

Do you spend a bit of time exploring around our beautiful little country and don’t like paying for motels every night??
Get a rooftop tent on top of your vehicle and have a home away from home travelling along with you! Some of the brands that we sell even have a annex (small extra room) included in them so you have somewhere to cook or unwind in before you hit the hay!


Ever been in a situation where you have bitten off a bit more than you can chew and found yourself right up shit creek without a paddle and no cell reception and a decent walk out ahead of you to find someone to help you? We have!!
Winches are one of the most effective tools that you can have fitted to your 4x4. They are a perfect tool for pulling you up that steep hill , out of a deep mud hole or even helping to move obstacles off the track.

Come in and have a talk to the team to discuss the different options that we have available.

Roof Racks

Do you find that once a few things are loaded into your rig that you have bugger all room left for some of the other things that could come in handy on that trip away?
Get a pair of roof racks , throw a roof basket or platform on them and hey presto all of a sudden you have a whole heap more space available!
Got a kayak and getting fed up with dragging a trailer around…..come and see us for some roof racks!
Henrys ute

Air Compressors

Going a bit further than the regular track dwellers and want the option of being able to air down your tyres when the going really starts to get rough and then be able to inflate them again when you hit the seal?

We can install an on board air system that will do just that , with the option of adding in air tanks as well.
Tyre Fitting

Recovery Gear

We stock recovery kits , tyre deflators , recovery points and tyre repair kits. Getting a couple of punctures when you are way out the in the back country can really wreck your day so by having some on board air and a tyre repair kit can really be a lifesaver (you will still need to call in and have your tyres repaired properly when you can back into town)

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Amy Thomas
"The guys suggesting I pop in every couple of months to get my tyre pressure checked. They are looking out for their customers saftey and making sure we get value for money."
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Janelle Hutchings
"Awesome guys with great service and really great price, just took my car in for a wheel balance and I'm so happy with the result and price."
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Jess Simpson
"Thank you Brad and Aaron for the efficient service. Quick and stress free. You guys are great. "
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Angus Mcknight
"Thank you Aaron for your awesome service this week. I really appreciated your help and positive manner. Thanks for being apologetic when my tyres didn't arrive as hoped and for slotting me in once they did arrive."
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