Tyre Rotation


Tyre Rotation

The object of tyre rotation is to achieve a uniform amount of wear on each tyre, eliminating, for instance, excessive wear on the front tyres of front wheel drive vehicles. These take the strain of breaking and steering. They’re likely to wear before the rear tyres do.

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Your tyres should be rotated at least every 10,000 kilometres.

Some tyres need to be rotated in a certain direction. This can depend on tread patterns, or the type of vehicle, whether four-wheel drive or front-wheel drive.

When this is done constantly, the tyres are more likely to maintain good handling and traction, and deliver maximum tread life. However, it’s important to remember that tyre rotation cannot guard against rapid or uneven wear if your vehicle has faulty mechanical parts, or improper tyre abuse or inflation pressure.

Rotation Patterns Explained

  • Forward Cross – The most commonly used rotation pattern, designed primarily for front wheel drive vehicles – which most cars have.

  • Rearward Cross – For rear wheel and 4 wheel drive vehicles

  • X- Cross – Also for rear wheel and 4 wheel drive vehicles but can also be used as an alternative to the forward cross method for front wheel drive vehicles

  • Front to Rear & Rear to Front – Primarily used for performance vehicles equipped with directional tyres

  • Side to Side – Primarily used for vehicles equipped with non directional tyres of different size.

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